Bring It 2015…


“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Bring it 2015…

Bring me the craziness.
Because I have just enough crazy to meet yours.

Bring me the bullshit.
Because my favorite balance pose is doing no harm while taking no shit.

Bring me the “what the fuck” moments.
Because I just love the challenge of letting go. And really, 2015, is there ever too much of a good thing?

Bring me the uncomfortable.
Because growth never arises from feeling cozy and safe for too long. And comfortable is overrated anyway.

Bring the me surprises.
Because nothing good comes from having expectations. And plans are made to be broken.

Bring me the messy.
Because I thrive on cleaning things up.

Bring me the complicated.
Because I don’t want one day to go by that I am bored.

Bring me the chaos and noise.
Because I can find music in everything.

Bring me the pain.
Because the scars keep me perfectly imperfect. Oh, but hurt those I love and I will make you my bitch.

Give the me endings.
So I can continue to move on. Who doesn’t like to travel? And I’ve learned to pack my bags a  little lighter.

Bring me the loneliness.
So I can confirm once again that I am more than enough. And some might even say a little too much.

Bring me the frustrations, distractions and negative manifestations.
Because life is supposed to be hard, and who needs a vacation?

Give me the hard, so I can practice easy. Give me too fast, so I can practice slow. Give me limitations, so I can practice flexibility. Give me presence, so I can practice peace. Let me fall, so I can pick myself up… I am not that heavy anyway. So really what’s the big deal?

Give me the tears, so I feel release. Give me the heartache, so I stay human.

And perhaps show me the laughter, the joy, the passion and love.
Because it would be a nice balance with all of the above.

So, what do you say year two thousand fifteen?
Let us start on this journey to a more enlightened me.
Your predecessors out did themselves, they have a strong lead.
I double dog dare you, all I have to do is bend and breathe…

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