I Believe In: turning pages and closing books


I believe in turning the page.

I believe under bus thrown leads to true colors shown.
And better to have known.
I believe the deepest despair can turn into the greatest hope.

I believe in the power of a pause. And the surrender of a flow.
I believe jumping to conclusions serves no one.
And there is wisdom in stepping back.

I believe in walking away tall. In preference to talking to a wall.
I believe in speaking truth to power.
Sometimes my greatest accomplishment is saying nothing at all.

I believe in fuck its instead of buckets.
I believe that pushed down does not mean pushover.

I believe in risking failure alone and not riding coattails with others.
I believe in closing a door not meant for me. So I can open one that is.
I believe that letting go means letting things be.

I believe in focusing on my own shit rather than spreading other’s bullshit.
I believe that denial is a dish best served when dining alone.
I believe a shot of reality feels like bourbon going down smooth and slow.

I believe in talking to you instead of about you.

I believe in fucking up, owning up and making up.
I believe messy and beautiful are one and the same.
I believe in silent voices and loud actions.
I believe words matter.

I believe in taming the raging war inside of me so that I can feed my fiery purpose that is meant to be.
I believe that negativity can’t touch this.
And Frankie was onto something when he said relax.

I believe in creating my destiny, but trusting the universe.
I believe I would rather miss the boat than jump on the bandwagon.

I believe I am one with the world.
And all alone at the same time.
I believe in killing with kindness.
And surviving by thriving.

I believe in waking up so that I can shake it up.
I believe if it feels right do it. If it seems wrong screw it.

I believe vulnerability requires courage.
I believe strength requires vulnerability.
I believe in baring my soul to wear my truth.

I believe in cleaning out closets.
I believe in ending relationships, to save myself.
I believe friendships might end but the confidences we shared do not.

I believe in friendships that last forever.
I believe old friends can become new loves.
I believe a lost love can be found.

I believe in “you had me at hello”. But I complete myself.
I believe in a last kiss that feels like a first kiss.
I believe in a first kiss that feels like home.

I believe in unsubscribing from anger.
I believe in employing indifference and resigning hate.
I believe in a lifelong membership to love.
For as long as we both shall live.

I believe forgiving is not always the answer.
But moving on without holding on is.

I believe we are all a little bit broken.
We come undone, and we piece it back together.
Some fragments get lost in the wreckage.
Some never fit like they once did.

I believe in letting the light seep through the cracks.
And not allowing the dark to dim the glow.

I believe each year will bring new tears.
I believe tears are a mix of opportunity and possibility.
I believe in daydreams, lost dreams and the dreams that keep you up at night.

I believe what does not defeat us, grows us.
I believe what breaks us, frees us…
to close the book.

5 thoughts on “I Believe In: turning pages and closing books

  1. Amazing and raw, hard and honest, light and heavy all in one Lyn, I miss u
    My favorite line? “I believe what breaks us, frees us… to close the book”
    And so… I believe what broke me freed me… “the only way out is through” you thought me…
    therefore… I am getting close to closing the book…

    Liked by 1 person

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