300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Application & Agreement

Lyn Kehoe Power Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Please complete, read, and sign.



I am applying for the (check one) _____weekday program _____weekend program.

Where did you receive your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification?

What is the date of the completion of your 200-hour certification?

In what style of yoga is your certification?

Do you currently teach regularly? If yes, how often and where?

Describe your yoga background. Include how many years you have been practicing, how often you practice, where you practice, and styles of yoga you prefer and practice.

What do you think makes a good yoga teacher?

Lyn Kehoe Power Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program

Tuition and Refund Policy:

If you decide to cancel your registration before the start date of the Self-Study period, as long as it is at least 30 days before the start, you will receive a refund minus $500. However, you can apply this amount towards future training.

No refunds or credits after the program starts. If the studio cancels the program before it begins, you will receive a full refund, including the application fee and deposit. 

Attendance Policy and Program Requirements:

Attendance will be tracked using the Mindbody system. Trainees should check-in with the lead trainer at least 5 minutes before each session to ensure proper documentation of attendance. Trainees will be able to track any missed sessions through their Mindbody client account. 

Attendance at all training sessions is required. However, we understand that conflicts sometimes arise.

In the case of any emergency absences, please notify the program director immediately.
If you know in advance of training dates that you have a conflict with, please contact the program director to discuss options. When possible, one-on-one mentoring sessions can be used to go over any missed information. You will be responsible to get notes, etc., from a fellow trainee.

You will also have the option of making up any missed sessions by attending future training dates or scheduling a one-on-one make-up session with the director. This will be an additional cost. If you are registering for the 300-Hour Weekday schedule, you will have 18 months from the first training session to complete all requirements. If you are registering for the 300-Hour Weekend schedule, you will have 24 months from the first training session to complete all requirements.

If you have a medical emergency or other extraordinary circumstances that would require a leave of absence, you will be able to join a future training to complete your requirements. A doctor’s note stating reason for absence and estimated time of absence is required. You must restart your training within 12 months.

Please note, future trainings are not guaranteed and refunds are not given due to unavailability of future trainings. 

I, ___________________________, understand if I fulfill all requirements as outlined in the Lyn Kehoe Power Yoga 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program, I will receive a Certificate of Completion as evidence that I completed all requirements and I will be eligible to register my 300-hours with Yoga Alliance. I understand that a Certificate of Completion is not guaranteed if I do not complete all requirements.

I understand that the training manual I will receive is specifically for my use only and I will not copy or share.

I read and agree to all policies, terms, and conditions as outlined in this agreement. I understand I am not entitled to any refunds, credits, or adjustments resulting from my failure to complete the program requirements. 

Name (print)______________________________________