I currently offer the following continuing education trainings and programs:
-Yin Yoga
-Hourly Mentorship Support

YIN YOGA: An Immersion for Teachers and Students

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$300 for all four sessions
$95 for a single session

Yin yoga focuses on longer held, more passive floor poses that lengthen and stimulate the connective tissues of the body. Unlike a power/vinyasa yoga (yang) practice, yin yoga is a slower pace where poses are held for 3-5 minutes. This practice also helps to cultivate inner calm. By staying in the pose longer you will train your mind and body to become still and endure uncomfortableness, both mentally and physically, with grace. Breath is used to help stay connected to the present moment.

This training is for those who would like to dive deeper into the practice. It is for current yoga teachers who would like to learn the fundamental science and philosophy behind yin yoga. As well as for students interested in a more thorough understanding of the practice.

The training is broken down into four 2-hour sessions. You can attend all four or sign up for specific dates. Teachers are eligible for continuing education credits required for Yoga Alliance renewal. You will receive 10 contact hours when you attend all three sessions and lead a yin yoga community class via zoom or at the studio. Class will be scheduled on an individual basis after the training sessions are completed. You will receive a certificate of completion.

Session 1: Laying The Foundation
-Yin Yoga Practice
-The Science of Yin Yoga
-Benefits of Yin Yoga
-The 3 Stages of a Yin Yoga Pose

Session 2: The Practice and Teaching of Yin Yoga
Back and Hips
-Yin Yoga Practice -back and hips focus
-Yin Yoga Asanas – modifications, getting in and out of the pose, recovery poses

Session 3: The Practice and Teaching of Yin Yoga
Hips and Legs

-Yin Yoga Practice -hips and legs focus
-Yin Yoga Asanas – modifications, getting in and out of the pose, recovery poses

Session 4: Power Yin Yoga
Power yin yoga is a slow flowing vinyasa practice infused with yin poses.
-Power Yin Yoga Practice
-Power/Vinyasa vs. YinYoga
-Teaching Power Yin Yoga – learn how to safely sequence and insert yin poses

You will receive 4 yin yoga sequences:
-90 minute sequence for the whole body
-60 minute sequence for spine and hips
-60 minute sequence for hips and legs
-90 minute power yin yoga sequence

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$150/Hour + CT sales tax

Whether a student or a teacher, the practice of yoga is a continuous journey.
Mentoring recreates the traditional yoga model based on a strong and trusted relationship between student and teacher.

 Lyn’s Mentorship Programs are designed to support new and experienced teachers,
as well as students interested in growing and enhancing their yoga practice.

The hourly mentorship option is perfect for students or teachers who do not anticipate the need for a long-term, ongoing support but might have a specific concern or interest.
Yoga Alliance continuing education contact hours are available.
Email to request an appointment.