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The Core Principle of Power Yoga:
everything you do on the mat should help you with everything you do off the mat

This program is designed for those already
certified or teaching.

You will learn the physical and mental philosophy behind Power Yoga.
Despite common belief, the “power” in power yoga is not referring to a hardcore, physical practice. In a true power yoga class, the pose is used as a tool to help with the internal process towards becoming your best self.

In this mentoring program you will learn how to guide students to connect their yoga practice on the mat to their yoga practice off the mat.

Program Structure:

-6-month program
-Monthly meetings/training sessions (6 one-on-one sessions – 60 minutes)
-First session will be used to personalize the program/curriculum and plan a tentative schedule
-Unlimited yoga classes at the studio
-Unlimited email support
-You will be required to record yourself teaching a total of three classes (1. initial feedback 2. progress 3. final)

Program Curriculum:

The 5 Pillars of Power Yoga:

Power Yoga Sequence and Sequencing Philosophy:
You will be given a 90 minute power yoga sequence to learn and build from.

Power Yoga Teaching Philosophy:
You will learn how to apply mental practices on the mat to help students move more deliberately and mindfully through life.

Power Yoga Teaching Techniques:
Working the Room
Using Your Voice

The Yamas and Niyamas – the ethical disciplines and observances of yoga:
Includes journaling, how to apply them in daily life and how to apply them when teaching in a way that is relevant to your students.
Also Included in the Program:
– Training Manual
-Audio files of the 90 minute power yoga sequence


You are required to purchase the following book –

The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele

Payment is due at first session.

Refunds are not given for any Mentoring Program.

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$125/Hour + CT sales tax

Whether a student or a teacher, the practice of yoga is a continuous journey.
Mentoring recreates the traditional yoga model based on a strong and trusted relationship between student and teacher.

 Lyn’s Mentorship Programs are designed to support new and experienced teachers,
as well as students interested in growing and enhancing their yoga practice.

The hourly mentorship option is perfect for students or teachers who do not anticipate the need for a long-term, ongoing support but might have a specific concern or interest.
Yoga Alliance continuing education contact hours are available.
Email to request an appointment.


~THE YAMAS & NIYAMAS: On the Mat and Off~

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The practice of yoga is not a goal, it is a path. A means for us to reach our highest development as a human being – physical, mental and spiritual.
With the popularity of yoga, the focus has been on the physical practice. But asana (the physical practice of yoga) is just one component/limb of 8 limbs that make up the path of yoga. The Yamas and Niyamas are the first two limbs. These can be described as restraints/wise characteristics and observances/attitude – ethical principles – that help to guide us on this path that leads to finding harmony with our external and internal environment.
In the workshop you will not only learn the meaning of each Yama and Niyama but how to apply each principle on the mat and how to carry the practice with you off the mat. An in-depth discussion will be followed by a master class incorporating these principles.
This workshop is intended for both teachers and students. As a teacher, you will learn how to guide your students on the mat and help them to apply these principles in their practice. As a student, you will begin to learn to use the pose and physical practice as a tool to help take your practice off the mat and into your daily life.