LKPY now offers live streaming classes!

How it works:

Pay and sign up for class online.
Preregistration closes 60 minutes before class for the streaming classes.
You will receive an email approximately 60 minutes before
class start time with your own personal link.

This link is for your use only – sharing or
forwarding the link to anyone else is not allowed.

Teachers cannot send the link to you.

The Zoom class link is sent from:
Please be sure to check your spam box or sign directly in to your email
account using a browser if you are not receiving the emails.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please log into your Mindbody account and cancel your reservation at least 60 minutes before class or the class will
still be deducted from your pass. If you have an unlimited pass, you will be charged $10.

You can register up to 7 days before class.
Set yourself reminders to sign up and/or cancel. Put it in your calendar!
Please understand that staff/teachers cannot sign you up,
send the link or cancel your reservation.
Please do not message, text or email them requesting any of the above.
This is our new normal and we appreciate your cooperation in helping to make this process manageable.
Please use Mindbody.

All class passes can be used for studio or streaming classes.
Get info on pass options HERE.