Power Yoga is the practice of presence and mindfulness.

Grounded in the foundational elements of Ashtanga Yoga – breath (presence), bandhas (grounding) and drishti (focus) – with sequencing developed to be user-friendly.
Classes are designed for all levels.
No yoga experience is necessary.
We encourage you to show up just as your are and work at your own personal level!
Modifications are given throughout all classes.
Please note: classes are practiced in a room heated to approximately 85-90 degrees.

Read about Lyn’s yoga and teaching philosophy.

“….I am grateful to Lyn for her outstanding YTT Program I had just completed. Not only did I obtain the technical knowledge needed to teach which included a greater understanding of the asanas and the principles of alignment, I was also able to find my voice and teach with great confidence. The degree of practice teaching time and constructive feedback from Lyn and her staff were a tremendous benefit in guiding me through this process. I finished this training program well prepared and incredibly inspired to teach effectively to a diverse body of students. What an awesome experience it has been. Thank you!” J.O.

“…Lyn is exceptional and devoted to her practice and philosophy.” L.G.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am to say that I trained under you..I have found that so many studios do whatever they can to bring in more revenue, and I so respect you sticking to your beliefs.” J.C.

“…I went into the city last week thinking I would take some fantastic yoga classes. Came home realizing that the best one is in my own backyard! Thanks for being such a great teacher!!” K.W.

“Thank you, Lyn! You’ve made a regular out of me, which I never could have imagined after the laughable first class… Your high standards and attention to detail make for a quality and consistent experience. Thank you for leading the way!” J.C.

“…knowing you has been a gift in 2014. The Friday class was truly magnificent and, personally, a true practice of the Yamas and Niyamas for me.” P.S.