With the popularity of yoga, we know you have many options when choosing a place to practice. Sooo….what makes LKPY unique? Along with our signature power yoga class and tight-knit yoga community, what unquestionably sets us apart is the root of who we are and strive to be – a reflection of what we teach.

Our Mission-

To offer a safe and welcoming place for you to learn and grow. To support you in your practice and give you the tools to find meaning in your practice that goes beyond the pose. To encourage you to challenge yourself and at the same time to embrace yourself just as you are. We will be right by your side as you embark on and continue your journey of connection, intention and transformation.

Our Values-

We believe in practice in action. Adhering to the yoga principles of the Yamas and Niyamas-compassion, honesty, nonstealing, contentment, self-discipline, self-reflection-just to name a few. We acknowledge we are not perfect, and we believe in keeping it real. We promise to be a true reflection of what we teach with gratitude to you for giving us the honor of sharing our practice and passion with you.


What To Expect-

At LKPY we offer a dynamic practice that balances strength, flexibility and mindfulness – a perfect combination of sweat and tranquility!

The physical practice itself is a breath guided practice designed with all levels in mind. The sequence is specific for helping to create not only a balanced body but a balanced mind. It is a sweaty moving meditation that encourages you to disconnect from all the noise and trust yourself.

You in?


Prepare for your first class!