Mentor style teacher training recreates the traditional yoga model based on a strong and trusted relationship between student and teacher.

Perfect for those who need a flexible training schedule and
interested in a slower paced training program.
Self-Discipline and motivation are requirements for this program.

This course follows the same syllabus as the online training program.
However, instead of phone conferences at the end of each module, our meetings will be in-studio, face to face meetings. Typically they will run between 1-2 hours.
You will still have the same email support.
Also included is an unlimited class pass to the studio for 12 months.

Upon completion of all contact and non-contact hours,
you will receive a Teacher Training Certificate and be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

Visit the teacher training page for detailed information about
the curriculum and syllabus.

$3500 + CT State Sales Tax
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Email for more information and to check for availability before registering.