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Power Yoga Basics: building blocks of buddhi
Sweat & Tranquility: power yoga meets yin yoga
The Myths and Mindfulness of Power Yoga: discovering the power in the practice
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Lyn’s philosophy that our practice on the mat should in some way connect to our practice off the mat is woven into all Workshops and Master Classes.
Not just can we do a pose, but the why.

Yoga Studio Owners: if you are interested in holding a Master Class, Workshop, All Day or Weekend Immersion with Lyn at your studio, please email


the building blocks of power yoga

Workshop (3 Hours)

Power Yoga is NOT about how many chaturanga pushups we can do.
It IS about whether we can do them calmly and mindfully.
And perhaps even being ok with not doing any at all.

Buddhi = Intelligent Intuition

We all have one. A silent voice of wisdom that speaks to us without words. Because only we can truly know what is right for us.
And also, what is wrong for us. But, with all the endless noise and distractions in our life, we sometimes don’t hear it. When we are off the mat, we sometimes refer to is as “trusting our gut”. So, how do we do that on the Mat?

A power yoga practice offers tools to help direct us to the place where we can move away from the external influences and begin to “tune in” and not only hear but also begin to listen to our internal voice.
Where we can start practicing from a place of where we need to be and not where we think we should be. Usually two different locations.
These tools are the building blocks of a power yoga practice.

Lyn will discuss the why and how of the five Power Tools:
Presence, grounding, focus, heat and flow. Followed up by a slower paced practice, putting all the tools together, that will include all the foundational poses of power yoga.
You will be given options – modifications and variations to help find what you NEED in each pose and throughout the practice.

Discover YOUR perfect pose.
You will leave with a better understanding that it is not how a pose looks,
but it IS important how it feels.
Discover what it means to apply “intelligent intuition” on the mat – practicing safely and honestly.

Especially during these times when handstands and arm balances seem to determine how challenging a practice is. Learn how going slow does not mean easy. And keeping it simple can be significant.

This workshop is a great opportunity for beginners, but also for seasoned practitioners to fine-tune their practice.


Sweat meets Tranquility. Power Yoga meets Yin Yoga….

Master Class

Strengthening the soft. Softening the hard.
Chaos, with calmness. Slow, not fast. Simple, never easy.

This practice is a slow flowing power sequence infused with longer holds in some of the deeper more opening poses. With the slower pace, you begin to pay more attention to each movement. How you get into a pose and how you get out of a pose becomes just as important as being in the pose – bringing more mindfulness to all your actions. Through longer holds you are given the opportunity to sit with discomfort – bringing more awareness to all your reactions.

Lyn is a firm believer that slow does not equal easy. And through slow, mindful movement with a little comfortable uncomfortableness thrown in, we can all move towards attaining the ultimate pose: WakeUpAsana.

What does it mean when we say ‘power’ yoga?
What does it mean to ‘live our yoga’?

Master Class or All Day Immersion

Too often there is a misunderstanding of what the term power in power yoga means.
As well as, a disconnect with practicing on the mat and how that relates to our daily life.

Through lecture and practice, Lyn will guide you to a better understanding of the mindfulness of a true power yoga practice and how to apply these teachings to your everyday life.

You will learn the ten ethical principles and observances of yoga – The Yamas and Niyamas – and through practical application begin to apply them on the mat to help prepare you for the challenges off the mat.

You will walk away from the day with an understanding of how your actions and reactions on the mat have a direct correlation to your actions and reactions off the mat. And while the process can be a physically challenging ‘work out’, the real challenge is the ‘work in’.
After all, the only way out is to go through and the only way through is to go in.

Read The Myths and Mindfulness of Power Yoga in Elephant Journal.


Yoga Students – ALL Master Classes, Workshops and Immersions are open to ALL levels, beginners are welcome. Modifications will be given throughout the asana practice encouraging everyone to work at their own pace and comfortableness.

Yoga Teachers –  CEUs are available for the Workshops, All Day and Weekend Immersions.

Yoga Studio Owners – Bring a Master Class or Immersion to your studio and your students. Master Classes can be combined to create an All Day Immersion or Weekend Immersion.
Contact for more information.


Myths and Mindfulness of Power Yoga-
The day is broken down into two sessions.
The morning session will cover the Yamas – Ahimsa(compassion), Satya(truthfulness), Asteya(non-stealing) and Brahmacharya(non-excess).
The afternoon session will cover the Niyamas – Saucha(purity), Santosha(contentment), Tapas(self-discipline), Svadyaya(self-study) and Ishvara Pranidhana(surrender).
A lecture covering each will include a clear definition and how they are relevant in today’s world. You will then be guided through a power yoga practice of approximately 2 hours, applying each principle throughout the process.

Myths and Mindfulness and Sweat & Tranquility-
Combine both Master Classes for a transformative day. The morning session will be a condensed version of the Myths and Mindfulness, 1-hour lecture followed by a 2-hour practice. The afternoon session will be a Sweat & Tranquility 2-hour master class.

All of these are suggested times and breakdowns. All schedules can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Single Master Class/Workshop-
Workshop: Typically a 1-hour lecture followed by a 2-hour practice for Myths and Mindfulness and The Basics of Buddhi. Master Classes (no lecture) are 2 or 3-hour practices.

Myths and Mindfulness All Day Immersion-
9am-12pm: Yamas Lecture and 2-Hour Practice
12pm-2pm: Break
2pm-5pm: Niyamas Lecture and 2-Hour Practice

Combined All Day Immersion-
9am-12pm: Myths and Mindfulness 1-Hour Lecture and 2-Hour practice
12pm-2pm: Break
2pm-4pm: Sweat & Tranquility 2-Hour Master Class

Weekend Immersion-
Friday, 6-8pm: Power Yoga Master Class
Saturday, 9am-12pm: Yamas Lecture and 2-Hour Practice
2pm-5pm: Niyamas Lecture and 2-Hour Practice
Sunday, 9am-12pm: Sweat & Tranquility Master Class

-yoga mat
-change of clothes (all day/weekend immersion only)
-pen for taking notes, a manual will be supplied (all day/weekend immersion only)

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