Lyn Gerfin, E-RYT 500


Teaching for almost 30 years, Lyn was the first to bring Power Yoga to the area. Including Ridgefield, CT. Beginning in Westchester County, her teaching quickly expanded into Putnam and Fairfield Counties.

Lyn’s personal practice began with Ashtanga. She has had the privilege of studying with David Swenson and Beryl Bender Birch during the early days of her practice. To this day both her practice and teaching is grounded in the foundational elements of an Ashtanga practice.
Her experience with power vinyasa yoga began with Bryan Kest and Baron Baptiste. They both have been a guiding force behind her teaching.

Lyn has a unique ability to guide students of all levels to their edge while being in tune with their individual needs. Clarifying that sometimes being at your edge means backing off not pushing ahead. Lyn encourages her students to focus on the process, not the outcome. She believes in not just giving students what they want, but more importantly, inspiring them to discover what they need. Weaving in mental practices that speak directly to them and their life – keeping it real and raw on the mat since life is not always easy off the mat. Many students have followed Lyn for almost thirty years…getting what they need.

Lyn has been teaching in Ridgefield, CT for over 20 years. Including corporate and private group classes. She is a founder of Buddhi Mat Yoga Studio established in 2009. During her tenure as Yoga Director, she was known for her qualified teachers and quality classes. As well as her commitment to not falling in line with the newest yoga fitness fad. To teach what she believes – that the practice of yoga is not just about the pose.

She broke her ties with Buddhi Mat in the summer of 2015 so that she could continue her commitment to teaching the truth. To resist the pressure to teach to the trends and to hold true to the root principle of power yoga – that what we do on the mat should help us with what we do off the mat. It is her firm opinion that it is her responsibility as a teacher to keep the “yoga” in yoga, especially during these times of selfies and Instagram challenges, and to help guide students to find their way back in so they can work their way back out. Her vision for LKPY studio is to offer a space that is more a learning environment as opposed to a place that offers just a service or yoga based fitness classes. To give her students the tools to discover their best self, along with a healthy, balanced body.

The owner of Lyn Kehoe Power Yoga Teacher Training since 2008, a 200 and 300-hour Yoga Alliance Registered certification program; she helps others to awaken and find their voice on the outside and the inside. A leader in the area for her training program, yoga studios search out teachers who have trained with Lyn. You will find teachers that have studied with Lyn from the east coast to the west coast. As well as, various local studios throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties. If you have practiced yoga locally, there is a good chance you have been instructed by one of her students. She continues to offer her in-depth and personalized program twice a year at Lyn Kehoe Power Yoga in Ridgefield, CT.

Along with teaching and training, Lyn is a writer whose articles have been featured online and in print.

Through teaching, writing and training, her hope is to dispel all myths and misconceptions of what it means to practice Power Yoga – on the mat and off.