Mindfulness On The Mat and Off

As a courtesy to your teacher and fellow yogis,
please respect the following requests to help make everyone’s experience more pleasurable.
Please note our updated studio policies to ensure everyone’s safety and to follow required state guidelines during the COVID-19 crisis.
Please stay home if you have a fever or feeling ill.

Before Class
Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Shoe racks and coat hooks are available. Please, no shoes in the “studio” space.

Class Registration
All students are required to preregister for class via Mindbody. All purchases and payments are to be processed online through Mindbody, as well. This is to help keep contact between you and the staff at a minimum. Walk-ins are not allowed. You must be preregistered and paid in order to participate in class.

(New Students –

Create a client account, sign the waiver online and pay here.
You must be 18 to sign the online waiver. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian will need to be present at your first visit to sign a paper waiver.
You must be 16 or over to participate in heated power yoga classes.)

You will need a yoga mat, water and towel. 
Please note: Mat and towel rentals are not available at this time. Please bring a pre-filled water bottle as our water cooler is off limits until further notice. The studio will NOT be heated.

Masks are required while entering and leaving the studio. You may remove your mask during class. However, your mask should be worn at all other times before and after class, and anytime you step away from your mat. This would include a bathroom break during class.

Social Distancing
Please respect the social distancing guideline of 6 feet. Upon arriving, do not linger in the entranceway. Remove shoes and then proceed to a designated mat space to prepare for class. If another student is in the entranceway, please wait before entering. Once you have set up your mat and practice space, place whatever you don’t need (jacket, bag, phone, etc.) in one of the cubbies that matches your mat number. There should only be one person at a time in the cubby area.
Please arrive early to allow for the extra time this will require. Maintain 6 feet from the front desk. All socializing should be done from your mat with your mask on – meaning if you are talking, your mask should be worn. The front door is locked when class starts and no one is allowed in after this time. The same rules apply when leaving after class.

The CDC recommends anyone at high risk, including those over the age of 65, should minimize social contact. Some of classes will continued to be recorded to support your at home practice until the risk has been lowered.

Do not come to class if you are feeling ill.

Mat Placement
Red markers have been placed to ensure that mats are 12 feet apart. 

Shared Surfaces/Cleaning
We are vigilant in disinfecting often touched areas (door handles, studio floor, etc.)
after every class. To minimize contact of shared surfaces, the mat cleaner spray bottles will not be available.  Clorox wipes and a hands-free hand sanitizer dispenser is available for use. Please be sure to wash your hands before and after class. We recommend that you bring your own tissues.


Late Arrivals
To ensure everyone’s safety, no late arrivals will be allowed. The front door is locked when class starts and no one is allowed in after this time.

Tune Out to Tune In: No Cell Phones In The Studio
Please refrain from talking/texting on your cell phone inside the studio before and after class. Be sure to turn your phone off before the start of class and store in the cubbies. If you have an emergency situation ONLY, please check with the instructor first as to policy and etiquette about bringing a phone into class.

Support Our Yoga Community
There is a direct correlation between your actions on your mat and the experience of those around you. Great connections can be made before and after class, but please no talking during class. Be generous and compassionate, you came for the energy of a group practice, please respect the flow and do not do your own thing.