Mindfulness On The Mat and Off

As a courtesy to your teacher and fellow yogis,
please respect the following requests to help make everyone’s experience more pleasurable.

Before Class
Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Shoe racks and coat hooks are available. Please, no shoes in the “studio” space.  Stop at the front desk and sign-in/pay before settling into your space and class.

First Visit
If this is your first visit, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class. For your safety, new students will not be allowed to enter class late. You can save time and create a client account and sign the waiver online. You must be 18 to sign the online waiver. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian will need to be present at your first visit to sign the waiver.
You must be 16 or over to participate in heated power yoga classes.

The studio is heated to about 85-90 degrees. You will need a yoga mat, water and towel. Mat and towel rentals are available.

Water: Bottled water has a very high impact on the environment. To help minimize the impact, single-use bottled water is not available at the studio. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own reusable container. There will be a few clean, reusable water bottles available for you to borrow if you forget yours. A water cooler is available for fill ups and refills.

Restrooms: LKPY Studio shares facilities with the Ridgefield Health and Wellness Center. A restroom is available for use in the center – you will need to exit the studio’s rear door to access – it is conveniently located down the hall to the left. Please do not wear your shoes through the “studio” space.

Be sure to read about The Yoga.

Late Arrivals/Early Departures
Make it a part of your practice to arrive early and stay for the entire class.

Doors lock 5 minutes after class starts. If you arrive late, please come dressed in your yoga clothes to minimize the disruption of needing to walk through the class to changing room/restroom. Please do not knock on the door when class is in session.

In the rare event you need to leave early, please do so before Savasana.

Parking Your Mat
In yoga class, we practice Aparigraha – non-greed – by not taking up more space than we need. Classes can be crowded, please respect the following:
-Please line up your mat with the tape markers on the floor. The markers create safe spacing, room for late arrivals and allow the teacher to move around more efficiently (we request that you use the markers whether the class is full or not, helping to create consistency). Do not move your mat once the class has started.
-Leave all personal belongings (bags, wallets, keys, phone, mat bags and straps, etc.) in the cubbies provided. Mat, towel and water should be the only items in the studio space. Water only, no open containers or coffee. Keep the floor free and clear for the safety of your fellow students and teacher.

Towel and Mat Rentals
Please deposit used towels in the designated receptacle. Mat Cleaner is available in spray bottles located throughout the studio. Please spray and wipe down your mat rental before leaving. To allow for drying, please leave mat in place.

Tune Out to Tune In: No Cell Phones In The Studio
Please refrain from talking/texting on your cell phone inside the studio before and after class. Be sure to turn your phone off before the start of class and store in the cubbies. If you have an emergency situation ONLY, please check with the instructor first as to policy and etiquette about bringing a phone into class.

Support Our Yoga Community
There is a direct correlation between your actions on your mat and the experience of those around you. Great connections can be made before and after class, but please no talking during class. Be generous and compassionate, you came for the energy of a group practice, please respect the flow and do not do your own thing.