The root principle of Power Yoga:
What you do on your mat should help you with what you do off your mat –
otherwise, why do it?


Power Yoga is the practice of presence and mindfulness. By applying breath and slow, deliberate movements you are able to listen to your
inner guru as opposed to your inner ego.

LK Power Yoga is a breath guided, vinyasa (flowing) style, meditative practice.
Presence, grounding and focus are the three foundational elements that the practice is built upon. Along with intelligent sequencing, that is developed to be user-friendly.
(In other words, nothing crazy. If you can breathe, you can practice power yoga.)
The physical component of the practice focuses on balancing strength and flexibility in all areas of the body. The mental practices are weaved into the class to support bringing awareness to the connection between your practice on the mat and how it relates to your daily life. Helping to answer the “why” behind the practice.

Classes are designed for all levels.
No yoga experience is necessary.
Beginners are encouraged to rest when needed.
Teachers will offer different options and variations for each pose/movement throughout the class in an effort to help you find the version that best works for you.
You decide what feels right for your body and what does not. Sometimes the greatest challenge is just getting out of your head; being ok right where you are in the practice and not trying to compete with anyone else – even your own mind!
You will be encouraged to work at your own personal level.

Please note: classes are practiced in a room heated to approximately 85-90 degrees.

Read about Lyn’s yoga and teaching philosophy.

If this is your first visit to the studio,
please be sure to read Studio Etiquette.

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This is a shorter version of our signature Power class. While this is also an all levels class, because of the shorter time frame, it can move a bit faster.

(85-90°) All Levels

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Our Melt & Meditate class cultivates inner calm. Each practice begins with a short guided meditation. We then move on to more passive floor poses that lengthen your muscles with a focus on hips/thighs and spine, while calming the nervous system at the same time.

While the room is not heated like our power yoga classes, it will be warm.

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The Power Basics class follows the same format as the Power class, just at a slower pace. The focus will be on the fundamental poses, basic alignment and breath.
The foundation of presence, grounding and focus will be clearly explained,
giving you the tools towards a greater understanding of the process.
A great class for beginners or experienced yogis interested in fine-tuning their practice.

(85-90°) All Levels

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Power Yoga meets Yin Yoga.

The only class of its kind in the area!

A slower flowing, less intense power sequence infused with more opening floor poses held for longer periods.

With the slower pace, you begin to pay more attention to each movement – bringing more mindfulness to all your actions. Through longer holds, you are given the opportunity to sit with discomfort – bringing more awareness to all your reactions.

The “Power” component of the class incorporates a less intense flow while still incorporating a dynamic heat building and strengthening practice. Yin Yoga focuses on longer held, more relaxed postures on the floor that lengthen and stimulate the deep connective tissues of the body. By learning to balance the two aspects – power and yin – we begin to find peace and tranquility inside us, as well as, around us.

As you move deeper into stillness, Lyn will tie in basic yogic principles to help you connect your practice with how it relates to daily living. And, reinforce the underlying principle of Power Yoga: what we do on the mat should help us with
what we do off the mat.

(85-90°) All Levels

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