With the popularity of yoga, I know you have many options when choosing a place to practice. Soooo…what makes LKPY unique? Along with my signature power yoga class and tight-knit yoga community, what unquestionably sets me apart is the root of who I am and strive to teach  – to stick with the truth, not the trends. While it’s not hip or popular,  I will continue to keep the “yoga” in yoga and use the physical component (poses) as a tool to practice the mental benefits. So, that your practice on the mat helps you with your life off the mat.

I’m a small studio not trying to be a big studio. So while I do not offer a full class schedule each day, you will get a very personal and high-quality experience to make up for it. This smaller, simpler business structure allows me to stay focused on my mission and message that began almost 30 years ago – to teach yoga. I offer a safe place for growth and learning. Oh, and we have fun too!


To teach, not just instruct. To offer a safe and welcoming place for you to achieve a healthy body and to learn and grow as well. To support you in your practice and give you the tools to help you find meaning in your practice that goes beyond the pose. To encourage you to challenge yourself and at the same time to embrace yourself just as you are.


I believe in practice in action, adhering to the yoga principles of self-study and self-discipline. I promise to be a true reflection of what I teach while acknowledging that I am not perfect – I will always keep it real.