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You will not be given a refund if studio classes are canceled and only live streaming and prerecorded classes are available.

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At LKPY we offer a dynamic practice that balances strength, flexibility and mindfulness – a perfect combination of sweat and tranquility!

The physical practice itself is a breath guided practice designed with all levels in mind. The sequence is specific for helping to create not only a balanced body but a balanced mind. It is a sweaty, moving meditation that encourages you to disconnect from all the noise and trust yourself.

There is nothing that you HAVE to do. There is no competition, no trying to keep up – instead you will be encouraged to start to learn to listen to what your body tells you; to find compassion in your practice and challenge yourself wisely.

The physical exercise – the pose – is just one component of a yoga practice. The real POWER in Power Yoga comes from within. Through the focus on the breath, you will begin to learn to reconnect with that power. The mindfulness you practice on the mat will begin to carry with you off the mat – to the real yoga practice. 

LKPY is not just a yoga studio, but a school – a place for you to achieve a healthier body but also a place for you to learn and grow.


Please be sure to bring a towel and some water! And, of course, a yoga mat!
Currently we do not rent mats or towels. Please be sure to fill up your water bottle prior to coming to class.


Physically, the heat adds a cardio element to the practice. Mentally, it teaches us to work through uncomfortableness calmly and with perseverance. It is one of the basic principles of yoga philosophy – tapas. And don’t worry, it’s not crazy, suffocating heat! Just warm enough to add a nice sweat combined with tranquility!


We are not offering an exercise class. We are offering a space to grow mentally, reclaim your inner power while obtaining a stronger, healthier body. The longer time period allows for the mental practices of yoga to be applied and to safely get your body ready for the physical practice. Traditionally yoga practices were always at least 90 minutes. Over time, with yoga becoming more popular, the practice has succumbed to a fitness industry mindset and classes have become shorter to fit the “gym” mold. While we understand that sometimes it is hard to fit in 90 minutes, it is beneficial to make a point of incorporating the traditional length practices into your schedule. After all, one of the main intentions of our practice is to step back and slow down, right? New students should not be intimidated by this length – we ease slowly into the practice, modifications are always offered up, resting is encouraged when needed and a sweet, slow cooldown is rewarded at the end!


Please read about our studio policies and yoga etiquette and our classes before your first visit! Preregistration is mandatory. Create an account and sign up HERE.