Monthly Pass with Auto-Renew FAQs:


Think Big Picture!!
The Monthly Power Pass is the most cost-effective option if you are committed to your practice and plan to attend on a weekly basis. If you look at your pass as a long-term commitment (as opposed to month to month), even with taking into consideration vacations, business travel and the occasional cold, the per class rate cost in most cases turns out to be lower than a Drop-In or 10 Class Card.

Is there a commitment to sign up for a Monthly Power Pass?
Yes, in exchange for the discounted rate, there is a three (3) month commitment for any of the Power Passes. However, after three months you have the ability to cancel your contract at any time with thirty (30) days written notice. Once purchased, there are no refunds. (If you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle your pass will still be active until the end of your current month’s billing cycle. Refunds are not issued if you cancel before your current months expiration date.) If you need to cancel prior to the completion of the three (3) months, a $50 early cancellation fee will be charged to your card on file.

Are the Monthly Power Passes on auto-pay?
Yes, all Power Passes are on auto-pay using your debit or credit card and charged monthly. While the initial commitment is three months, you can cancel anytime after this. As stated above, please notify in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance to avoid a new charge.

Am I able to change my monthly pass?
Yes, all three of these Power Passes can be changed. You can upgrade to the next level at any time, even during the current month by paying the difference. There is no extra charge to change your pass level other than the price difference between the two memberships. If you want to drop down a level, you can only do so at the beginning of the next pay period and not before your initial three-month commitment. There are no refunds for dropping to the next level. Any change is considered the start of a new three (3) month contract period and policies of new contracts apply.

How much in advance do I need to notify you to cancel my Power Pass?
If you are in need of canceling your Power Pass, you must provide thirty (30) days notice or your account will be charged for the continuing month. No refunds are issued. Cancellation must be in writing. Email: Passes cannot be canceled until you have fulfilled the initial three-month commitment. Refunds are not given, partial or full, if you choose to cancel mid-month. If you cancel and choose to sign up for a Power Pass at a later date, a new three (3) month commitment will be required at the current pricing.

If I miss one week am I able to roll my missed days to another week within the month?
Yes. Missed classes can be made up as long as it is within one month. Classes cannot be made up or carried over if you change your Power Pass to a different level or if you cancel.
Because the system is not set up to keep track of missed classes, if you would like to make up a class you will need to email to manually add you to a class.
Please email at least one day in advance with your request.

Am I able to put my Power Pass on hold?
In the case of illness/injury only, you can put your Power Pass on hold (suspend payment) for a minimum of thirty (30) days with a maximum time of three (3) months. A doctor’s note will be required. Please notify the studio immediately as we can only suspend a pass from the date you notify us forward.
After three (3) months your pass will be automatically reactivated. If at this time you are not ready to return to the studio then the contract will be canceled. If it is canceled before completing the initial agreed upon 3-month commitment, a $50 early cancellation fee will apply and automatically be charged to the credit card on file.

Please note: auto-renew passes are not extended when the studio closes because of weather or other emergencies. You will have the same opportunity to make up classes within the month

Can I share my pass?
Passes cannot be shared.