You Never Know

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I know the path of emptiness
Where I’ve had nothing left inside.
I know that patience is a silent force
And it showed me how to thrive.

I know the path of moving on
Sometimes means taking a step back.
Which allows the time to heal the wounds
And see the beauty in the cracks.

I know the way of letting go,
Of paths that crossed and parted.
This space that is between us,
Feelings unceremoniously discarded.

I’ve glimpsed the path of second choice
And turned the other way.
For if someone cannot see my worth
Then it’s not worth my time to stay.

I know this world will break your heart
In a million different places.
But days will pass, and distance too,
Obscuring all the traces.

I know this world will break you down
And scatter all the pieces.
I know these lessons, though hard to learn,
Have taught me what true grace is.

I know these paths I’ve traveled down
Have led me to this space.
Where pain and joy stand side by side,
I feel their firm embrace.

I know this path of walls I built
To protect me from the storm.
But it’s removing every brick I laid
That has given me the power to transform.

I know there are paths I’ve yet to walk.
I wonder where they lead.
Long daydreams, deep night dreams,
And all the distance in between.

So the path of possibilities,
Is now the path that I will choose.
I’ll knock down these walls I’ve built so strong
Because there is nothing left to lose.

And I know this path will twist and turn,
Sometimes turn to dark.
But I’ll take each step with grit and grace,
They’re never far apart.

And I’ll turn my gaze up to the light,
Trust the stars to walk me home.
To this remembered place inside my heart.
Because you never know