What you do on your mat should help you with what you do off your mat –
otherwise, why do it?

Power Yoga is the practice of presence and mindfulness. By applying breath and slow, deliberate movements we are able to listen to our inner guru as opposed to our inner ego.

LK Power Yoga is a breath guided, vinyasa (flowing) style, meditative practice.
Presence, grounding and focus are the three foundational elements that the practice is built upon. Along with intelligent sequencing, that is developed to be user-friendly.
(In other words, no crazy shit. If you can breathe, you can practice power yoga.)

Classes are designed for all levels. No yoga experience is necessary.
You decide what feels right for your body and what does not. Sometimes the greatest challenge is just getting out of your head. Being ok right where you are in the practice and not trying to compete with anyone else – even your own mind!
You will be encouraged to work at your own personal level and to get out of your own way. Modifications are given throughout all classes to help you with this!

Please note: classes are practiced in a room heated to approximately 80-85 degrees. Why the heat? Physically, the heat adds a slight cardio element to the practice. Mentally, it teaches us to work through uncomfortableness calmly and with perseverance. It is one of the basic principles of yoga philosophy – tapas – to burn through obstacles.

Read about Lyn’s yoga and teaching philosophy.

If this is your first visit to the studio,
please be sure to read Studio Etiquette.